Sunday, October 3, 2010

... yeah, so there are a few things I forgot ...

Well, more like two.

Two birthdays. Like, Pixie and Sian's September birthdays. *headdesk* That's right - Miss Pix turned 5 YEARS OLD and little miss Sian turned 2 a few days later.

They didn't get their birthday posts, either, and probably won't considering that the majority of my pics were lost in the Great Erasing Incident of '09, and the rest are still on my old laptop.

I can still - and will - change their birthday tickers (yay, omg my life is so exciting, ya'll).

As for food news: they did have another whole dressed quail today. This time, Yogi was ready and willing to eat it (maybe because I fed them light yesterday in preparation for today, ha). Anyway, all three were playing tug-of-war with it. Yogi had the carcass by the feet, Pixie by the wings, and Sian had it by the head and they were friggin' pulling.

Sian and Pixie ended up going head-to-head, because they both wanted the breast area. Sian lost, and so she had to wait while the Lovebirds had their fill. She killed the time by being the center of my attention, and I'd pick up the scraps (part of the wing, or the feet) that the Lovebirds would leave off and give it to Sian, so that kept her busy while she was waiting.

But, yeah, they were like little piranhas or something, and they just demolished the damn thing.

... Annnnd, I ordered another shipment. This time, I added in course ground pheasant and course ground turkey, as well, for different textures. Next month, if they still have it, I'm going to get some ground goose (yay, something new!). That'll up my seven different protein sources to eight. Which, can I just brag? Rules are that ferrets need at least three protein sources (and that's not including organs and hearts, which are also necessary) to have a balanced raw diet. You guys, I have seven (excluding eggs, which the Triad does get, but not frequently) - turkey, duck, pheasant, quail, chicken (just necks, though), fish (salmon and tilapia) and gamehens.

Like I said, I get just as much enjoyment (if not more) from their diet as the ferts do. It's just so much fun.

And, pictures later. I thought I'd uploaded the new ones from my phone, but I guess I didn't 'cause I can't find them. Sorry, I know you all must be bitterly disappointed *g*

(also, it's my birthday tomorrow, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME)

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