Sunday, October 10, 2010

so I've been incredibly spendy lately

First up is Cinder the Rabbit - he's getting his whole old floor ripped up and we're laying down flexi-tiles instead. Then, on my birthday, I found a few cute little bunny sites and I picked out a pretty big house condo; a replacement floor for said condo (for the inevitable chewing and eating of his house; yucca/willow/apple twig/something else toy sampler, 5 lbs of first cut (and no that's not a typo) timothy hay.

Then, my mom got in on the action and got him a large sea grass mat, a pinecone/willow ball/twig sampler IN A BASKET (aw), an herb and flower hay topper mix, and a bundle of apple sticks. Also, I have plans to buy him a few of the mazes they have for rabbits. So lots of rabbity goodness (he's a mature fellow, and this spoiling is long past due, tbh). Also, pictures will be forthcoming, whether you like it or not, bwhahahahaha


Besides the $100 minimum food bill a month? Weeelllll ... it all started with my birthday. I really like nothing better than using that and the holidays as an excuse to make my family buy my pets gifts. So I roped (and by "roped" I mean sat there while she said "I WANT TO GET THE FERRETS SOMETHING, TELL ME WHAT THEY LIKE") her into getting them a bunch of tunnels and connecting ball, because the only thing I'm sure of is that the Triad loves tunnels, omfg.

Then, a few days later I wander over to LFFR (have you noticed the shiny new link at the top of "Check these out ..."? Hinthint).

Oh, yeah.

You guys, I finally got my guys a bedding set, ahahahahaha. Of course, because of their diet and how/where they eat and how Yogi and Sian like to *not* use litterboxes, I didn't want to get the standard FN sets Rose makes. Instead I got the 8 pc set and special ordered 1 shelf cover and 2 ramp covers. I got the bedding set today (ish. I'm up late) and I ordered the covers today (after seeing in person the color scheme. I wanted to make sure I matched everything up). Here, have a pic:

It's gorgeous and Rose is wonderful to do busines with, and I'm going to get at least one more :DDDDD Also, I have mighty mighty plans on ordering's litterbox for the FN - I'm hoping it'll work and get all three of the ferts using it (well, they really won't have a choice, will they?). They say it's made to fit snug so that the renegade pottiers can't chuck it into the middle of the cage or otherwise destroy it. For $50 that better be true. 'Sall I'm saying.

So, spending, spending, spending (I also got my nieces xmas shopping DONE. Oh, yeah, in October. I'm so on the ball, guys, I'm awesome *g*).

In other news: ferts love the coarse ground pheasant, yay. Also, I'm thinking of making static pages (linked in my sidebar) to a how-to guide for switching ferts to raw diet. I've been getting more and more comments here and through email about it, and I know on the comment section I'm not doing it justice, and I think having something I can refer people to that's already plotted out might work better. So if you see that post, remember you were forwarned ;P

ETA: Well, I did it - ordered the damn litterbox. Want to know my motivation? Walked into the Triad's room to let them out this morning, and the piddle pad was askew and everything was ... a mess (politely speaking >:| ).

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