Monday, October 11, 2010

here, have a picture of the Twins ...

... ...

Because this (relatively short) post is basically spamming Cinder's new (ly clean, ahaha) floor!


It looks painfully empty now, because it IS, but all the toys and things we ordered haven't come yet, so Cinder will have to suffer a few more days with it like it is. Not like he really cares - he's not sure he even likes the floor. I had to trick him with treats to get him even walking on it. Also, he got a nail clipping today, so he's doubly pissed off. He was throwing and banging baskets around and lunging at everyone that came by.

Hopefully he'll cool down soon (rabbits, at least OUR rabbits, tend to be a bit more aggressive/assertive, even, than any other animal in our house. I love it.)

I, however, love the floor. It's easy to sweep and vacuum up all the hay and rolly-poley poos of his. Also, it does help with the smell (carpet and rabbit pee =/= good times, sweet jeebus).

More pics as soon as toys come and Cinder the Rabbit isn't out for blood >;D

ETA II: Cinder the Rabbit now has his own blog, rabbit tracks. So, for anyone who wants to see more pics/read more gibberish about him, head on over there. For those of you who really don't, this blog now returns to its 24/7 coverage of Triad activities. *g*

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