Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PICSPAM: hay day

So we got Cinder the Rabbit a big ole bale of hay for his hayboxes, and we always put it in a big garbage can. There's always a bit left over that keeps the lid from sealing (even after filling up all the hayboxes we have for him), so the Triad got to go digging in a bit of it today.

This is the result.

Pixie, especially, had a blast. She'd dig all the way to the bottom and root around down there (in the last picture, she's still in the box, you can just *barely* see her).

Also, you can kinda see two things: 1) how friggin' light Pixie's getting. She's now known (by my dad who's infamous for not remembering the Triad's names) as "the little white one", so yeah. And 2) how dark Miss Sian's getting along her back. In those areas she's almost as dark as Yogi. It's not as clear on here as Pixie's change, I know, but you can see it (well, for one IRL) a little bit.

In other news: their flexi-funnel arrived, but I'm waiting on the rest of the tunnels before I give it to them. Also, their custom litterbox should arrive tomorrow! TOMORROW, GUYS, AHAHAHAHAHA. I'm so excited. Then, all I have to wait for is their ramp and shelf covers from Rose and I can totally update their cage!

As for tonight, I'm waiting for the duck necks to unthaw for their supper. I got a late start with that :C

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