Saturday, September 18, 2010

it was cute, you know, before all the mutilation

So my Hare-Today shipment came in last night. I got whole carcass ground quail, ground pheasant, ground duck, coarse ground duck, quail feet, chicken necks, duck necks, and the capper: dressed whole quail.

The Triad had coarse ground duck last night and loved it (the bones were perfect for them. Although I have noticed that even with a week on ground [bone, organ in] food and their poos are still formed and not loose, like they get on just meat meals and the Aunt Jeni's).

This afternoon (I skipped their breakfast), I laid down paper, then put a plate on it. On that plate? A whole quail. And when I mean whole, I mean feathered head and eyes and organs included.

Even though I love feeding my guys this diet, it does make me pause, when I see it so ... unprocessed, I guess. Quail, apparently, have very, very sweet faces :\

Anyway, it was a hit with Pixie and Sian, who - after the initial WTF? moment - promptly got into a fight over it. They eventually settled down and shared, but it took awhile. Yogi is a bit more apprehensive about it. I saw him licking it, but I haven't seen him actually eat any of it.

And with that, time for pictures. WARNING: QUAIL CARCASS.

So far, they've eaten the legs and wings and ripped the head off. It'll probably last them all day, which is just fine.

Quail. Does a ferret body good.



  1. Hare today, gone tomorrow!! LOL! Sorry Sunny, I couldn't resist saying that :D

    Love your new look blog and am very impressed at how your trio love chuffing through their "rawr" diet!

    When I got my first ferret, I was told to give her chicken wings, which I did, and I found them stashed in pristine fashion in my underwear!! Needless to say I removed wings from her diet ;)

    All my ferrets will occasionally eat raw chicken meat but it has to be chopped up just so ... too minced up, they won't touch it ... too chunky, they won't touch it! I tell you - talk about divas!! Gotta love 'em :D

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