Friday, August 27, 2010

... it's not a TU-MOR

*The Triad eating ground quail*

So, like I told my mom: I finally "starved* Sian the right way, and she woke up one morning ready to eat the quail meat, yay!

I always love how they turn their noses up at stuff, and then will all of a sudden decide that it's - OMG the best thing eva!!11!!!!1

In other news: keeping an eye on Sian's little lump. It is getting a bit scabby looking, but the thinned out hair has grown back, so that's good. I really, really want to get that thing checked out (come on, money. You can hop into my bank account any day now. I SWEAR), but it doesn't look like it's giving her any issues, really. I mean, it's either getting banged up because of the location of it or she is snitching it on occasion, but she's not chronically messing with it (I never see her do it, in fact).

Ugh. I don't know - I just hate the fact that if it IS a skin tumor brought on by allergies, these things have a high rate of returning. That really, really sucks.

Kind of a blah post, I know. Sorry.

* - except for how, you know, she wasn't starved at all; she got two other meals (not including what I really WANTED her to eat - the quail). But, *winks*

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