Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the rule of the day is ...

So, The Triad had quail and turkey ground this morning. The Lovebirds were fine; Sian threw a bit of a fit when she could smell the turkey but couldn't get to it (it was underneath the quail). She ended up eating some, although the other two ate more.

Oh! And they DID go crazy for the duck, although I was right - the coarse ground duck is the size I need (about 1 inch bone pieces), instead of the duck PIECES. These pieces leave to big of bones and I don't have the right knife.

Ben got the stuff I couldn't cut. He was a happy boy :DD

So far it's feathers over fur for The Triad. Though how they really *know* I have no idea, but they do. They've veto'd rabbit and mice (oh, god. I'm getting truamatic flashbacks to the mice. That was a horrid, horrid time :3 ).

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