Monday, August 23, 2010

a dramatic musical score would not go amiss ...

*Check it out. The Triad's freezer o' food. It's kind of pathetically empty, but we'll get that changed. Eventually. Not pictured: the very bottom shelf of store-bought meats and bone. All that's just Hare-Today. The top is dinners (rmbs); the middle is breakfast (ground); the third shelf is duck/turkey hearts and quail feet (snack). It's like I run a daycare or something :/ *

Aha. Well, it seems The Triad is suffering from ferty laziness. It's not just rabbit bone and meat that they're turning their noses up at. It's any major chunked bone.

Like chicken necks.

It's because of the ground food. I don't feel totally bad, because that has little cubes of whole bone, but it's still easier for them to get at, so they want to laze around and not eat rmbs.

>:DDDDDDD NO BREAKFAST FOR THEM! Seriously, they have their necks. That's it; I'm not wasting expensive, specially ordered food, just because they think they're spoiled enough to throw a big huge tantrum and get away with it.

And they're already trying to make me feel bad.

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  1. Ah, very impressive!! Yeah, isn't it wonderful how they will gobble stuff up and, then, just when you think you know what they want, they change their minds....argh!


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