Saturday, August 21, 2010

... yeah, no. This is completely normal.

A clear shot of Pixie's shaved neck. AWWWWW*

So, I did it. I put The Triad up for the night with rabbit rmbs. The Lovebirds had theirs liberally coated with baby food (and no, it didn't escape me that it gave them a "mini meal" if they just couldn't deal with the trauma of chewing on rabbit chunks). I had to dip my finger in olive oil and offer it to Sian to see if she was interested in that (she gets mortally offended if I add it to meals when she doesn't have a ... taste for olive oil. Even in meals she already despises. God, they rule my life. It's so sad ;_; ) So, yeah, she was in an olive oil mood, I guess, and I added it to hers.

The results so far ... the Lovebirds licked off the baby food, Sian drank the olive oil and then they laid around like I had betrayed them.

Yeah. Worth a shot, though, since - you know - I already ORDERED THE DAMN MEAT, ANYWAY RAWR.

I promise after tomorrow's post, the rabbit stuff? *seals lips* I SOLEMNLY SWEAR. I mean, I've still got quail and pheasant and duck pieces to talk about, ahahahahaha.

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