Friday, August 20, 2010

of quail feet, skin tumors, and the ongoing rabbit saga

So, first off - the quail feet. I gave them to The Triad yesterday along with their heart. I wasn't expecting much - we've had a really off time with some of the new foods. I had just gotten done asking, "how am I going to get you guys to eat these?" when I put the bowls down, they scarfed up the hearts and started eating the quail feet.

So, they aren't completely stubborn. Just mostly >:D

And yes, yesterday I did find a small lump on Sian hind foot. It's red, round and raised (oh, heh). So, when my job starts and I get my first paycheck, we'll be getting it looked at (I hate waiting, though, and if it starts looking weird or bleeding or something, I'll get her in sooner, definitely [care credit, ahoy]). I WANT IT OFF, OMG. >:C

I haven't even seen her really mess with it, and I don't know how I missed it, when I've been doing nail clippings every 4 days or so *scratches head*. Anyway.

And the ongoing rabbit meat problem. The baby food yesterday kind of worked for the Lovebirds, not with Sian (who had it plain because she doesn't like baby food, and olive oil [apparently] fell out of favor with her), but they didn't eat all of it. Today, I attacked from a new angle. For the Lovebirds: I made a little ball out of the rabbit meat, and then I covered that with a layer of ground turkey. On top of that I smeared a layer of baby food. For Sian: the first step minus the baby food, of course.

How'd it go? Pixie and Yogi happy licked off the baby food and started eating the turkey layer perfectly okay. Sian took a few nibbles off of her turkey layer before running around and smelling at the Lovebirds' bowls (never a good sign).

The Lovebirds ended up getting to the rabbit layer and taking a few bites, but that's it. By this point, not even finished with the turkey layer, Sian had started stashing hers (out of sight, out of mind. Like I don't know what she did or something. She's so pretty). The Lovebirds ended up stashing theirs, too, but at least they tried a bit more than Sian did.

It was kind of like watching someone eat a tootsie roll pop, if tootsie roll pop = different kinds of bloody raw meat.

Oh, well. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that they just don't want the rabbit. I'm still going to try the rabbit rmbs, but now I'll stick with things with feathers (those, so far, seem Triad approved).

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