Thursday, August 19, 2010

this should be more like "to be continued"

Ergh. Blergh.

So, no picspam*. The Triad are being singularly obnoxious about their food.

They ate one little third of a duck nuck last night.

Today? Sian ACTUALLY threw up when I popped a piece of rabbit into her mouth. Threw. Up. I am not kidding, guys. [Although the good news on the rabbit front? I got the Lovebirds to eat some of it. Ah, the wonders of baby food]. RABBIT IS NOT ICKY, TRIAD. GET WITH IT.

I finally relented, and gave Sian her turkey heart early. I just don't know what to do :CCCCC and it's making me cranky.

Other good news: Pixie's done with her antibiotics YAY

But that's it >:|

*ETA: still no picspam, but this post is new and improved with SLEEPYTIME!YOGI, FTW

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