Wednesday, August 18, 2010

part I

In that pic, the bowl is empty. Right now? They have bowls full of the best looking rabbit meat I've seen and ... they're refusing to eat it :/ Nothing I've done has worked, and now they're huddling far, far away from the lovely, juicy NUTRITION, ugh.

Though, I have read that a lot of cat owners experienced the same thing after feeding duck (like I have). Apparently cats (and now ferrets can be added to the list) just want DUCK after eating it and don't want anything else.

Like I told The Triad, they aren't getting something else until that's gone. And I mean it :|

They are all out of sorts, anyway, because I slept in, and they didn't get out when they wanted out (oops). The FN paid the price (and, well, me. I had to clean the disaster area up first thing after getting out of bed RAWR)

The Triad are - quirky and spoiled and smart (well, Pixie is. Sian and Yogi tend to blunder around a bit more). They make plans, and they are never GOOD plans for their ferrent. Let me tell you.


[also, yes, part 1 because the shipment from HT is coming today, so you KNOW another posts (and probably a ton of pics) will be coming to a blog near you later tonight!]

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