Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PICSPAM & stuff: life imitates seals

*The reason Pix's head/neck might look weird, is because that big white patch? Is where the vet shaved her to draw blood*

Almost through with Miss Pix's medicine - not that she really cares. Giving her the amoxidrops, to her, is like a glitch before she gets her food. I had her dooking and wardancing today over the duck, too, and as soon as I sat down she hopped onto my lap and looked around like, "where's my bowl?" so *waves* SPOILED (but that's okay).

Oh! And in other news: I noticed that the piddle-pad inside the cage was clean when I went to let them out this morning, and a little while later (when I was disinfecting it), I saw little miss Sian hop in the litterbox and use it, so apparently The Triad as a whole (?) are using it. Which, no complaints from me, because it makes cleaning even easier than it was before, ahahahaha.

mmmmm, and in random fert-y antics! The Lovebirds were napping in the cage, and Sian was out playing with me, when she decided to start hand wrestling (and ever since I nip-trained her, she's been leary about doing. She took the "control your bite" to mean "don't play-bite at all" which I don't really believe in), and she got a little too carried away *ahem*, and so I did my usual "ow!" and she backed off and adjusted pretty quickly, and so I decided to let her keep playing.

She'd fall back into it, though, and the last one was on my upper arm, right above my bent elbow, so it's pretty fleshy. I screeched, Sian took off, and next thing you know, Yogs's tumbling, still half-asleep, out of the cage. He runs up to where Sian's sulking, smells her face and GIVES HER A KISS. At this point, I'm thinking "awwwwww. But SHE actually hurt ME *pouts*." Yeah, I did kinda pout. I'm so pathetic.

Then Yogi comes up to me, smells my arm where Sian got me (it was red, but no broken skin), smells my face, and then GIVES ME A KISS. After making sure everyone was okay (duty: completed), he turned around and went to go snuggle Pixie (who was waiting with an eye cracked to make sure he came back) once more.

And, see. People wonder why ferrents go googly-eyed over their babies.



  1. I envy your ferret, they were really cute and smart. I am Clint and also a ferret enthusiast.

  2. thank you, Clint. I think they're pretty great, too. Welcome to the blog!


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