Monday, August 16, 2010

christmas in july ... or, you know, *august*

So, the obvious: I changed up the blog's look. Still green, just - new green, :D

And I changed the "about me" so everyone'd know that I talk a lot about BARF diets. No surprises now! Oh! And the picture in the header? The exact same one that's on my home comp. AWWWW, PIXIE.

In other news: the ground duck was a hit. Sian smelled it right away, puffed out (you know, how they tense every guard hair on their body until the hairs resemble quills) , and started gobbling. Yogi ran around for a bit, his face kind of like "???", until he finally gave in and started eating, and then he did the same thing - puffed out and happy.

Pixie took the longest. She'd run around to all the bowls, then run up to Yogi and smell his mouth as he was eating, like she was saying, "you're eating that? Why are you EATING that?" She'd look over her shoulder at me and her face was completely bewildered like she just *did not* get it. I finally took pity on her and put her in my lap and got some duck on my finger. As soon as I held it close (not putting some on her nose or in her mouth, just putting the food near her), she started eating, and then she puffed out, too, and couldn't get to the bowl fast enough.

I think she's conditioned to eat, in that pose (hindlegs on my thigh, front legs held in my hand), because that's the way I'd hold her when she was first switching over to raw. So now every time I do that, her brain goes, "oh, okay, so we're REALLY eating this."

After that, it was easy peasy, yay. I mean, Pixie still has to eat in on my lap, but I don't have to hand feed her.

And we put in another order at Hare Today. Our receipt reads like this: ground turkey, turkey heart, duck heart, duck neck, duck pieces, ground duck, ground quail, quail feet, ground whole quail carcass (which was a mistake. I MEANT to get the whole dressed quail, oh well. Next time), ground rabbit, rabbit chunks, ground rabbit organs (which will go along with the whole ground carcass to make a complete meal, so that works out) and ground pheasant.

The only things left to try are the quail eggs, the dressed carcasses and the turkey livers, and Hare Today's game hens (their meat seems so much better than ANYTHING at the grocery store, I'll tell you). I mean, later on I might try The Triad on skinned rabbit heads or something, but .... we'll see.


  1. That's amazing. And quite a list of animal parts!! Sounds like Miss Pixie is doing OK! So happy to hear it!
    Love and hugs to you and the Triad!

  2. P.S. Love the new look of your blog!!

  3. Oh, yeah - she's doing 100% better. I think it's a combo of the antibiotics, the change in diet and being spoiled like crazy :D

    Aw, and thanks! I really like the new look, too!


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