Thursday, August 12, 2010

their FACES

*Sian waiting for her turkey heart*

So, The Triad have had breakfast after Pixie's morning dose - more ground turkey/bone/organ, and they were all happy. Yogi-Terror finished his, then slid over to "help" Pixie finish hers, and then The Lovebirds both sidled over to Sian's bowl to "help" her. Since it was ground, there weren't any fights, but you could tell Sian wasn't so keen - she was trying to nudge them out the way and doing her shaking-like-a-leaf adrenaline thing.

A little bit ago, I snuck into their room with the camcorder, and when Yogi was all "oh, pictures, okay. How boring," I scooped him up and revealed the secret weapon - NAIL CLIPPERS. Yes, that's right - a surprise!nail trim. That's how I roll.
I got Sian, too, and am still waiting on Pix - she's snoozing the afternoon away.

Aaaand - in more ferty-diet news: I've settled on a schedule.
Mornings - ground food (right now, the only one they've tried is the turkey. Once I know what they like and don't like, they'll have more variety) or boneless fish. Afternoons - heart (turkey, duck, chicken). Hearts are GREAT for getting your ferts taurine (dark meat is, really, but hearts are the one of the best). If you can do nothing else, getting your ferts to eat this as a snack (ONCE A DAY!!!) would be great for them. Of course, if you feed beef heart, only give them a small piece, not the whole thing. :D /aside
Bedtime - RMBs (turkey, chicken (mostly neck, because that doesn't bother Pix. The Twins can get more chicken than her though), duck, quail, rabbit, pheasant).

So far, Sian's the biggest fan of this new change, but everyone has an appetite, so no wasted food, yay.

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