Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PICSPAM: ... and then they FEASTED

So my order from Hare Today came in. My mom and I spent the better part of the evening organizing it and getting it divvied up. After that? A night of obscene gorging for The Triad, ahahaha.

First up: after divvying up one 2 lb package of turkey hearts, there was a lot of left over blood and bits of heart. What did we do? Put it all in a bowl and let the ferts at it! Sian loved it, so much so The Lovebirds barely got a chance for more than a taste; when they came around she'd try to cover the bowl up and she'd try to step in it. She drank the WHOLE BOWL and ate all the bits of heart. You guys, when she was done, her nose and ears were pink-pink and she zoomed around the room like she was freakin' on crack, or something. Just nose down and tail poofed and speeding. Maybe pure, undiluted blood is like ferret redbull:

Here is a side profile of her blood ... goatee:

A bit later, I gave Miss Pix her amoxidrops and then gave The Triad ground turkey with bones and organ in. To get them to try it, I put a little bit of baby food on The Lovebirds' food and a bit of olive oil on Sian's. Worked like a charm and they loved it. Here, Sian acts like she didn't just drink her weight in turkey blood:

And in these, The Triad are eating their FINAL supper of chicken neck and turkey heart. Once again, no one acted like they ate just 2 hours earlier. Not pictured: Sian "killing" her turkey heart:


  1. glad to see your "babies" are doing well !! dad

  2. thats great!! pretty good shots too!!! hope pix keeps gettin' better!!!


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