Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a day in the life

Well, last night I cleaned The Triad's cage and did laundry (poor Miss Pix had made a mess of it during the worst of not feeling good), and today I did their whole room (it takes awhile - they have a huge room. The only one bigger than it in the house is the living room, and that's only because it's a living room/dining room situation, LOL). Got their toys cleaned, too, so it's a brand new start :D

Miss Pix got her second dose of the amoxidrops, and she didn't throw a fuss, just took it and waited for her baby food, which came just as quick as I could put the bowl down. I fed her in my lap, and Yogi got to clean the container and plastic spoon. I let him finally eat with her when there was like a third left of the food. I tried getting Sian to eat some, but she just runs away.

Miss Pix is sleeping in her freshly vacuumed sleep cube. They had a ton of excitement with the vacuum going and me tossing toys back into the room (and I finally realized that they have a lot of toys, I had a veritable mountain stacked in the hallway. It's just their room makes it look like they barely have anything :C ).

Sian's been pouting since Pixie's getting more attention. She's really not used to not being the center of attention when it comes to me, so this is taking some adjusting for her. I did take her into the bathroom with me when I was washing their toys, so she got to run around there, just her and me.

I'm going to have to work more on that, because Sian's bound to get upset, now that Miss Pix is able to leave the Triad Room. Perks of age *g* Don't get me wrong, Pixie is a handleful when she's excited, but she listens better and I can get the rules through to her, whereas the Twins are just AHHHHHHHHHHH FREEDOM! and go absolutely, no holds barred, insane. Maybe that'll change as the years go on (Yog's is already TWO, you guys).

I'm sure it will with Sian, only because she's a mama's girl, first and foremost :)

So, anyway, that's the news, besides AHAHA, TOMORROW, THE FOOD COMES TOMORROW!!!! Pictures will be taken, I don't even care.

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