Monday, August 9, 2010

miss pix updates

I'm going to try do this coherently and hope to god I don't screw that up.

So, found a vet. Not sure we're keeping these guys, but they did know how to do a detailed exam, I'll tell you. And they were pretty good at handling ferrets (they aren't exotics vets or really that experienced with these guys, so *waves*). They said to just head on up and they'd see her as soon as we came in. Of course, by the time I go to load Pix up, she's actually moving around, acting curious and her nose is nice and cold and moist, WHAT. She rode most of the hour long trip loose on my lap. It was sweet.

Anyway, they took her history when we got there and we decided on a CBC panel and stool sample to narrow things down. I weighed her, scruffed her for temp taking and stool samples as well as holding and scruffing while they shaved her neck and then drew blood and she did beautifully.

Stool was negative for parasites (they didn't test for bacteria, because they had to send the sample away to get it tested). Blood panel was pretty good. There were a few things slightly high (creatine and her globulin), but the vets weren't alarmed, because those are normally slightly elevated in dehydrated ferrets (which Pixie was by this time). Her insulin was 105, so that was good, too. And she wasn't anemic, so all clear.

We could have gone for xrays to see if a bone was stuck anywhere, but Hanson was pretty confident there wasn't. She checked mouth, throat, and a very deep stomach palpitation was normal. Her coloring was still good, too. Basically, she was acting 100% normal except for some dehydration issues.

They gave us some amoxicillin -.25ml 2x/day for 10 days, and they injected her with fluids (I have never seen her come back so pissed before, OMG I kid you not. Part of it had to do with the fact that they took her in the back to inject her - I didn't scruff her).

If she acts up again, we actually have another vet lined up in Blacksburg - an actual exotics vet this time, that we'll try (we'll probably end up there, anyway, for Pix's melatonin and The Triad's yearly lupron shots). Back in the car, Miss Pix went to the bathroom in her carrier and then she came back out and rode all the way home curled up on my lap (obvs wasn't driving, guys).

So, we're not sure what the hell's going on, really. Pix's fine right now, and when I told the vet (who TOTALLY approved of the pumpkin and BARF diet, btw) about Pix getting "spoiled" and not wanting to eat chicken wings/legs or CGH pieces (things that require a lot of work to eat), she kind of looked at me, and said, "she's almost five, maybe you should work with her more" and so I came home and bought a minced meat sampler from Hare Today Gone Tomorrow as well as 4 lbs of chicken necks (perfect meat - bone ratio) and turkey hearts.

I'm moving her primarily to softer food. It still has all the bone and organs, it's just ground up and easier to eat. The Twins will still get CGH pieces and the like (although they'll get a bit of minced as well), and they'll get a lot of variety. The sampler contains quail, pheasant, duck, rabbit and chicken, each 1 lb worth. I'll see what they like and what works with Pix's IBD issues.

(aside: taking down the Aunt Jeni's site from the sidebar (their new site is difficult and they've taken down the RMBs :C ) and putting the new site up - you should just check it out and see what they offer. The selection is amazing)

It's going to be so much fun. And hopefully this'll help her get all the goodness without the stress!

Good thoughts *crosses fingers*

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