Sunday, August 8, 2010

bad news bear

Wow, so I haven't been around a lot lately. Getting ready to go back to school has killed my time on blogging, I guess.

And, now, I come carrying some not so good news. Miss Pix is sick. She was fine last night, but today she's really lethargic and still and wants to be alone. She ate a little bit of Carnivore Care/pumpkin/baby food, but not a lot. I'll try again a bit later. She seems a tish cooler (but she's still active enough not to stay wrapped up whenever I try), too, and has really loose stool even with the pumpkin. She just has to hang on tonight and she'll be going to the vet tomorrow.

I don't know why this happened, and I don't know what's wrong. It seems so sudden, when last night she was all excited and fine. I don't know if it's bone-related or another stomach issue (she's had ulcers before). I got my mom down there to look in her mouth while I scruffed Pixie (in case a bone was lodged or something), and it was clear where mouth/throat were visible (no telling further down or in her gi tract). But my mom petted her throat down to her chest and Pixie burped. My mom said it smelled bad (like indigestion bad, not sour-sweet bad).

I don't know, but kind thoughts are appreciated until we get this figured out.


she had a heaving/diarrhea spell a few hours ago (around 10); I syringed a few cc's of water into her and she handled the first two doses well. Two hours later, did it again and she gagged a bit, but didn't vomit, so that's good. She's still limp, even though when she does move she doesn't limp and none of her limbs seem weak. There's no drooling, either, but I'm the next set of syringes contain a karo syrup/water solution, and I have one babyfood one, too, because she can can go to the bathroom, even if it is mucousy. Right now, she's sleeping in her cuddly-cup, in a pretty comfy-looking pose, curled around, front feet in the air. Her nose is dry and warm but her regular pink and so are the pads on her feet and her gums (they aren't white or deep red). Her breathing seems even and not too pained.

I'm thinking it's a stomach thing, something like proliferative colitis or more ulcers or something, although insulinoma isn't out of the question, especially at her age. I don't know, and I have three more hours until the vets open

eta II: as of ~6 am I gave Pixie the karo syrup and water by syringe and then halfway through the baby food syringe, I was just resting her on my knees and she ate on her own, plus half of the jar of it. Afterward, she still went around rubbing her face like she felt sick, but it wasn't as desperate and she didn't paw at her mouth and she also went to the bathroom, again, too. Then she just laid on the ground until I picked her up and got her situated in her cuddly cup before putting her in the cage. It's eerie, her being so listless, but at least she ate, and now I'm really wondering if she's insulinomic :C


  1. Oh no!!!! Sending love and good wishes to you and Miss Pix. Keep me posted!!

  2. I'm about to make another post about our fun-filled day, :\


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