Sunday, May 2, 2010

who's hungry?

On the food front:

Two big complaints: why is it impossible to find organic chicken wings? I mean, my store hasn't had them for months. Drumsticks, but no wings, and I AM NOT feeding my guys anything not organic or that has that added broth crap in it. JUST NO.

Then, on top of that, there's been no canned pure pumpkin at the stores. I finally had to buy that WHOLE pumpkin bread kit just so I could get the one itty-bitty can of pumpkin that it comes with. GRRR-ARRGH.

General news: my guys are going through their spring/summer shed so they are kind of rough around the edges appearence wise and are voracious, bottomless little pits of RAGING HUNGER RAWR. For the time being I'm buying organic cooker hens, because they are big and can satisfy even Yogi-Terror's fearsome stomach.

So the other night I'm slicing this big chicken up so I can freeze half of it when a slimy plastic baggie comes peeking out.

I had forgotten about the neck and gizzards and livers, because it's been so long since I've had a cooker hen come with it. It was a nice surprise (I'm lame in this regard, as well, but when you feed raw you DO NOT look a gifthorse in the mouth. Ever).

So, that night the girls got the wings and Yogi got a drumstick, and then I divvied up the gizzards between them, and - on a leap of faith - I chopped the liver into bits (because ferts only need a bit of it, like a teaspoon portion, weekly, or they can overdose on the minerals) and added that in. I didn't have much hope of that, because all the times before they've never eaten it.

This time? They slurped that bloody, slimy mess right up. First thing and without any coaxing (ie dousing it in olive oil). THEY LIKE THE CHICKEN LIVER!

What? It was an exciting moment for this ferrent C:

And I have the chicken neck sitting in the freezer. I only need two more chickens (with their respective necks included) and then The Triad can have them as a snack!

Yesterday, I kneeled on Pixie's tail, so it's probably a good thing they had ground turkey for dinner - it just so happens to be her favorite food outside of chicken babyfood. It went far to soothe her pain :D


  1. Hi Sunnyberra,

    In reading your link I found a place you could purchase "Organic Chicken Wings". Cool! Here is the link. I have nothing to do with this link just so you know.

    I suppose the pumpkin might be a seasonal thing ya know? Sounds like you really make sure they get the right foods so no health issues.

    There is alot of crap out there isn't there? You sure do have 2 really cuties though. Great colors.

    Hope the link works for you....

  2. Hi, how is things. its been a while and just wanted to say hey. glad to see your little fellas are well. just so you know i updated the design of Earth Chatter and if you have a moment I would love your opinion. Take care.


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