Saturday, May 1, 2010

...and THEN she walked on water

So The Triad got a new cube bed thing as a pressie. They absolutely adore it. Pixie likes to kickbox the furry pink balltoy that came with it.

In other news, Pixie is seriously the best ferret I have ever had the pleasure to know.

The other day, I was clipping nails, and when Miss Pix sees me start on The Twins, she'll conveniently find somewhere dark and hidden to play in. You know, far away from the evil clippers of doom.

Well, I got done with Yogi and Sian (no thanks to Sian herself, she was jerking all around), and I called Pixie. She popped her head out of where she was hiding and just kind of looked at me. I called her name again, and the expression on her face was reminiscent of someone saying, "good job. That is my name, lady." Finally I got with the program and said, "come on, Pixie, let's get your nails clipped."

You guys, she came walking up to me, crawled into my lap, and sat high on her rear (as animals will sometimes do and it kind of looks like a person would sit). AND SHE WAITED FOR ME TO CLIP HER NAILS.

You see? She is the best behaved and sweetfaced ferret in the UNIVERSE. Now, I love all my guys, but NO ONE comes close to Pixie's level of just sheer, unadulterated intelligence.

Maybe this seems like such a small thing, but the past 4.5 years have been full of just these amazing, considerate and unbelievable actions on her part.

She is seriously a one in a million fert, and I am just so proud she's in my business.

Okay, sickening gushing is over for now :D


  1. Nice.. wow you have so many of them :D

  2. @Peter

    only 3! But, yeah, sometimes it feels like 6 :D


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