Friday, January 29, 2010

egg eaters the second - PICSPAM

*Group shot*

*The Girls get down to the srs biznus of EETING, OMG*

*Pixie finds the yolk*

*And she gets the prize!*

*Yum, yolk. Eat over the plate, Pixie! ...thank god for bleach water*

*Yogi Bear is happy*

*Sian is a thief*


*if I was really lame I could have made an egg joke there. lucky you.


  1. Sooooo cute!! And yes she is a thief!! (how many times have I been too nervous for fear they would run off with my toes? lol)

  2. hahaha - I wouldn't put it past them to try and run off and stash some ferrent toesies :)

    And thank you!

  3. oooooohhh, i just love triad picture day!!! they are so serious when they eat - it's adorable!

  4. I finally got over my laziness and took the camcorder downstairs - hurray. And ohmygodyes, there is FOCUS and DETERMINATION when it is time to eet! That is the #1 Triad rule, Susan C:

  5. Your babies are all so adorable, Sunny, and I love seeing them playing with their toys. It's so strange because my gang just don't have any interest in playing with toys and, to be honest, it's been that way since my first ferret. I've tried ping pong balls, a ferret kong, baby rattles, you name it! They come and they look, they sniff and they turn away! You can almost hear them say, Ho Hum!!
    Could it be that Aussie ferrets have no sense of fun compared to their American counterparts?!?! LOL - I'm just kidding :D

  6. @ Nona -

    it still surprises me when they do play with their toys, besides just stashing stuff and stealing someone else's stash stuff. It's the one drawback - that ferts get bored SO VERY easily!


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