Thursday, January 28, 2010

...and then THIS happened

*Baby!Sian eating with the big guys*

*You guys, itty bitty baby ferret! nomnomnom*

I know I've mentioned this before, but I love being able to clip The Triad's nails by myself. It's awesome (no, I don't care how lame I am. Or if other people could do this long before me. It's my blog ;P). Sian, however, started shaking her back legs so much that I could barely finish one paw, but that's alright (Pixie did, too, actually, but when I put the clipper against the nail she stopped. She's not stupid).

But talking about Teh Baby (tm) - she's such a sweetie. Every time I go into The Triad room, it takes her about an hour straight of cuddling and kisses before she'll go and play with toys or The Lovebirds.

Just the other day, I was in there and using that behemoth sized stuffed tiger as a pillow, and Sian came running up, and laid across my chest so that her tiny, little girl face was equal with mine and she could give me kisses whenever she wanted.


Of course, Yogi's no slouch in the snuggling department, and he always gives me his daily forehead kiss (no, I'm not joking - the boy's oddly serious and solemn about it, too), beyond his compulsion to lick-lick-bite at my arms (I think this is actually a common and befuddling activity a lot of ferrents experience. Am I right?). Pixie's just kinda like 'awww, look at me from a distance and whisper compliments at me.' Again, I'm serious. She loves hearing how pretty or smart she is, but she doesn't really stand for the petting or picking up. Sadly.

In other news: I'm having to extend The Triad's pumpkin schedule. Apparently, Sian ate the face off of her stuffed betta fish the other day. I thought the feathers would be a cause for concern, but no. She just wanted to mutilate the poor thing.

I'm gonna start making Pixie (and whoever else deigns to eat it) some carnivore care/babyfood soup daily, now. She adores it, and the extra protein'll be really good for her, you know? So, that means stocking up on baby food and finding a place online that sells carnivore care.

I'm pretty sure Yogs'll eat it with Pixie (he usually does). Sian's more iffy, but she might - she was really interested in the mix I made The Lovebirds until Yogi actually bodychecked her and forced her away from the bowl. Apparently, it's a YOGI AND PIXIE thing, and Teh Baby's Not Welcome. She pouted. Oh, boy, did she pout as she wandered over to her own bowl and ate all by her lonesome. It was sad :(

Also, I ran out of contractor's paper, but luckily found some newspaper to line the cage with, thank god. Imagine the icky mess in there if I had to leave the bottom floor bare (with two ferts unwilling to use a litterbox. oh, yeah). Ugh. Going to pick up another roll tomorrow, though, because I LURV that contractor's paper. Oh, yes, I do *g*.

Okay. That's pretty much it for now. I feel like I should wave now, or sing Won't You Be My Neighbor, so *waves*.


  1. hello, I really liked your blog about ferrets. Here in Portugal it is illegal to have ferrets, but I have two ferrets and are lindos.Pesquisei the net on power but does not say much and I wonder if you can give me the food that ferrets can comer.Ficava very agradecida.Ficarei awaiting your answer.

  2. hey, Pedro!

    What you feed them depends on what diet you can handle: kibble or raw or natural. If ferrets are illegal, but you want to feed kibble, go with a top brand cat or kitten food (like EVO/Innova or something). Raw diets (what I feed) are meat and bone, and you gradualy achieve balance over time (by variety - meat, bone, organ, etc). Or there's the natural diet - live or whole frozen (then thawed, of course) prey. You need a variety of animals and variety of ages for this diet as well, but if the ferret will eat whole prey food, they get their balanced diet more easily than raw. Each diet can take time to switch them over. Use patience and consistency, and also stock up on chicken/turkey baby food (no mixed entrees, just the meat), so that you can make sure they get meals if they're being stubborn about eating. If you need more help, comment back and I'll probably just go ahead and make a post about it (because there's a lot of infor and steps to take). Hope this helps!


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