Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a day in the life of...

*Old water-time pic - RAWR YOGI TERROR*

I got The Triad gamehens the other day, and so they had them for supper last night. You should have seen their faces ('oh, hey, I know you!'). Pixie enjoyed it because the gamehens tend to retain a lot of water, and of course water in raw meat becomes bloody water. Which, to a ferret, is like ambrosia or something. So she was happy.

I just forgot that it's more work, feeding them hens, then chicken wings are. Cutting through it and cutting it up is hard, especially with our old, blunt as all hell knives. And the kitties (Asai mostly) are apt to try to steal the damn things (you should see her dragging the gamehens, trying to get them off the counter. It's cute and irritating, because I have to disinfect the whole friggin' kitchen).

Still, they like 'em, and Pixie's stomach may need a break from the heavier skin and fat on the chicken wings.

And since I just got done talking about ferret dreams (as in, me dreaming about ferrets. not ferrets dreaming. uh), I'll say this: apparently, now that I've written about them, I'm having more. Well, actually, it's the same one , over and over again, with little changes thrown in.

It's Pixie losing her hair on her back end. Except, it's not like it's falling out, but it's like someone sneaking into the ferret room and subjecting her to a crappy shaving job. Yet in the dream, I'm freaking out thinking she's adrenal. Until last night's episode (or one of the episodes, they seem to replay during the night), when - amidst the horror of her shaved hair - there was a geniune bald patch on her back leg.


I don't know. It's because she's four and some change, and I just worry a lot about her. She's been tested for adrenal and insulinoma and come out clear. I keep them on a strict lighting schedule (especially in the winter), I feed them raw, I get them yearly lupron and her melatonin (except this winter, she didn't get it, and so she didn't get in a winter coat). But things happen because they happen, and that's a really scary concept with these little guys.

So, bah, Pixie! Stop infiltrating my sleep and giving me nightmares (it's because you haven't had any ground turkey lately, isn't it? Oh, yeah. I know that's it!)


  1. Yeah, it sounds like you are just having ferret mom dreams...i keep dreaming i'm losing one of mine -- like they are getting loose and running away. gah.

    those are some happy, healthy babies! you take such great care of them!

  2. Thank you :)

    It's just so easy to worry about these guys (I tend to worry about The Triad more than I do Cinder, and he's a rabbit.)


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