Sunday, January 24, 2010

the chicken debacle. kinda.

*The Twins. Thieving hair brushes*

I've been giving The Triad their "soup*" (or, in Sian's case, plain pumpkin) every third day, now. They haven't wanted to eat their chicken wings at supper time. Usually, when Pixie starts getting finicky, it's a sign that her stomach is giving her problems. She'll slow down eating (or, if given baby food, eat only that), and then comes the diaerrhea.

So, yeah, "soup" to maybe soothe Miss Pix's tummy issues, and - because The Twins have stopped eating them, too - "soup" to flush those two out. God knows they probably have swallowed a bit of hair (please, no replays of The Great Hairball Incident of '08).

They've managed, now, to eat most of the chicken wings, just leaving a single drummette. Which is better than before, when there'd be, like, two and half wings in the cage. HIDDEN, of course, because would they be ferrets if they didn't try to HIDE the raw meat?

No, I don't think they would be.

I think, though, that I'm going to get them a few more gamehens to add to their bone meals. I've kinda slowed on that front, but it's really time for them to have a bit more different sized bones, I think. I'm still waiting on the day when our stores start carrying poultry necks and feet. It'll be oh, so nice.

In other news: my ickle little boy is a YEAR AND A HALF OLD. ALREADY. *wibbles*

* "" are necessary because all it is is carnivore care, water, canned pumpkin and baby food. maybe 'concoction' is a better term? I dunno.


  1. I'm still fascinated by your guys' diet - so cool!! And look at how big and healthy they are!
    Hope Pixie's tummy is better soon. And happy birthday to your little guy!!

  2. Honestly, I'm still fascinated by it (or, at least, watching them eat it. /weirdness)

    Yeah, Pix is acting like it's better. Ever since she got that heliobacter infection, her stomach's been really delicate.

    And, what a great idea - celebrate half birthdays, too! Why not, they deserve it ;D


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