Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi, there. remember me?

Wow, so I have not been on in ages, and I'm sorry. RL's just been hectic, lately, and our digital camera broke, so no convenient fert-y pictures. Instead I'll have to drag out the camcorder, and while it's digital, I don't like how it takes pictures (they're generally too washed out or blurry). Oh, well. Until we can afford to replace the other one, I'll make due :)

But, The Triad are great. I have a new toy for them, BUT! I've gotten smart in my later ferrenting years, and I am going to clip their nails before letting them have it (they have this disturbing tendency to go hog wild over a new toy to the extent that they ALWAYS get their nails caught in it if they're the littlest bit overdue for a clipping and then I have to take it out of the room. Shorter nails will no doubt lessen that risk, y/y? Duh, I know. Shut up).

So, there's that. I haven't been giving them as much me-time lately, because of my nieces, and studying and holidays, but I'm getting back on track. Promise. And I'll come bearing freshly washed bedding and a newly vacuumed Triad room. And food, let's not forget that *g*.

In general news: it seems like a lot of ferrents I know are busy expanding their businesses. Those who had 3, now have 4 (or five or six) and those who had a 4 have 8 or 9 or 10, now. Meanwhile, I'm YAY! TRIAD. OMG, WHERE DID THEY GO? WHY ARE THEY DOING THAT? WHAT'S GOING ON, BAYBEES?

However, as weird as it may sound, I had ferret centered dreams last night (which is slightly weird, mainly because I hardly ever remember my dreams. Go figure the ones I do would be about ferrets).

First, I dreamed that the tracks that hold the plexiglass enclosing the ferret room was coming away from the wall (it's secured by screws and liquid nail , but still) because IT WAS SO COLD. That one was full of me panicking and trying to scotch tape it back, and shepherding ferrets to different rooms, and freaking over them getting Cinder and Ben getting them or Coda getting in and then I wouldn't know who'd get who. None of it made that much sense. But hey.

The second was I was at Walmart (maybe? or at least another department store thing) and I went back to the lawn and garden stuff, but the sheltered area, where they have the tall pallets and metal displays. And then abruptly I was in a smaller indoor version, and standing by a sheet-covered display. I lifted up the sheet, and there were ferrets in a previously hidden FN cage. I got one out (a burly chocolate fert, that reminded me of Yogi) and decided to keep it only if it was female, which magically it was though it looked like a boy. Then the store changed into a recognizable version of Walmart and the last scene I remember was me holding a ferret (remarkably calm and settled) while I walked around the media center.

I don't even know. I'm blaming all those ferrents posting pics of all their new babies. It's getting into my brain, and makes me go 'well, four wouldn't be too bad, and I think The Triad wouldn't mind,' and then a vet appointment comes or something and I have to scramble to pay it and I think 'oh, yeah - three's enough!' It's not the ferret I mind, it's the bills :), The Triad are so wonderfully bonded that I'd hate to disrupt that in any way.

So. Yeah, dreams. But they're ferret related.


  1. Hahaha - loved hearing about your ferrety dreams, Sunny :)

    I dream about my ferrets but only when I'm stressed. And then those dreams are about me in a foreign country with all my gang, wondering how I'm going to get them back into Oz, or I'm in some big house with OPEN French doors everywhere, and I'm running around trying to find where all my ferrets are.

    I wake up trembling and have to go and count all my gang to make sure they're all with me!! Talk about neurotic :)

    Hugs to your trio from my foursome and Zac!

  2. LOL - the foreign country dream made me smile (though it's no doubt a nightmare for you!).

    I think the best ferrents are usually driven to insane quirks because of our ferrets. Or, that's the story I'm sticking to, anyway *g*

  3. Yay!! You posted!! OK, we both have to get back into the routine --- I love, love your blog!

    Sux about the camera!!! Hope it gets replaced very soon, as I must have regular Triad photo fixes.

    I dream about ferrets all the time (and other animals too). I wonder why...(she said as she rangled all ten of them....)


  4. I know - It's weird to go this long without taking Triad pictures!

    and yay! Bloggers are blogging!


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