Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oh, yeah, I'm doin' it...PLAYTIME PICSPAM

Basically, I let The Triad play with one of those hard rubber noisy balls (it makes the sound of a ball rolling across the floor, then bouncing down steps - like, RHHHH. BOING. BOING. BOING. BOINGYBOINGYBOINGY. Yeah, I totally did that. Your eyes are not deceiving you). Then, I just snapped a ton of pictures.

This was the result.

(it might help to know that these pictures aren't in any kind of order)


  1. My wife and I have had three ferrets over the years. Your ferret Yogi Bear is a spitting image of our Rascal. Looking through your blog brought back a lot of fond memories.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed looking through here :D

  3. Looks like your ferrets are having lots of fun. Are your ferrets hand tamed to the point that they allow you to pick them up without running away?

    We have a guinea pig which is very tame, but it can't be trained to play and runs away when try to pick him up (normal part of their behavior .

    My son would like a small animal to play with and teach tricks to. Can you do this with ferrets?

    Many thanks

  4. Ferrets are wonderful pets, but they are very time intensive, too. So, unless your son is a very mature child OR you want ferrets of your own, I'd say wait on them.

    However, ferrets (US ferrets, anyway) are completely tame, and 100% dependent on people. They play rough and are nippy because they themselves are very thick skinned and can handle it, but you can train them out of this.

    Ferrets are smarter than dogs and smarter than some small primates, as well, so YES you can train them (they just happen to be finicky about what they desire to learn. Patience and perseverance go far with these guys, as well as a sense of humor *g*). They will learn their names and all that jazz, as well.

    As for cuddling or holding - I hold all of mine whenever I want. In fact, I often have to carry one or more around with me whenever I am in The Triad's room (especially so for Sian and Yogi who are very much bonded with me; Pixie tends to be a bit more independent, but she still will let me hold her whenever I want, though). They will bond with their owners and can grieve themselves to illness or even death if deprived of the human they bond with, as well. Part of the difference, besides guinea pigs being a bit wilder than ferrets, is that guinea pigs are prey and are naturally nervous critters. Ferrets are predators, so they have more outgoing natures.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to write again. Hope I helped!


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