Saturday, December 5, 2009


So, since Yogi and Sian have never been in snow before AND since it was the first snow in the VA house, I decided to let The Triad go out in it. The girls loved it. Sian didn't hesitate to start tunneling, and Pixie was zooming around before she even touched down and didn't want to stop. Yogi, on the other hand, acted like he was being tortured. He wanted UP and AWAY and OH, DEAR GOD, IT'S COLD AND WET GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!! Which, you know, is kinda hilarious, considering he has the most winter weight and the densest (?) coat of the three of them. So, yeah, I let them roam the pen, but you can tell I'm nervous, because my hands are almost always in the camera in case one of them decides to make a break for it (I haven't been able to find a harness that is small enough for them. Which is weird, but).

But anyway, here are the results of the Triad's snowy adventure (and don't mind the pj's, I'm lazy like that):

*This was the closest that Yogi got to the snow without freaking out*

*Sian checking out the fence post*

*Yogi huddling for warmth*

*Sian tunneling*

*Sian says YAY!*

*Sian - thankfully, she wasn't interested in trying to escape the pen like Pixie was*


*Pixie exploring*

*Pixie after one of her many escape attempts*

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  1. What fabulous pictures, Sunny! Lovely to see your trio frolicking - or should I say, your duo! I reckon Yogi had the right idea, cuddling up to you :D

    I've always wondered how my gang would go in the snow but, with our climate, there will never be an opportunity to find out :) I remember seeing minks (or was it sables) running in the snow in the movie "Gorky Park" years ago and imagining that's how ferrets would look like in the same environment.


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