Thursday, November 26, 2009


*The Triad*

*Miss Pix*

*The Twins and the clean room, yay!*

*Pixie's uber sweet face*

*Sian and Yogi's half face*


*Sian and Yogi*

*Miss Pix*

So, I kept to schedule and got The Triad's room cleaned yesterday. Also, nail clippings! YAY!

The Triad had a big day. Ms. P is here for the turkey day celebration, so they got to climb and/or infiltrate pant legs while she visited with them. EVEN MISS PIXIE. So, yeah, they had a lot of fun. And I got to feel like a PRODUCTIVE AND PROUD FERRENT while I showed them off. Good times, good times *g*.

Also, in food news: I'm going to be trying them on salmon. Yeah. RAW. I'm kind of nervous, because salmon. But, our stores have been getting in some great fresh caught fish, so after being frozen for AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN A CHEST FREEZER it should be good to go and have a ton of the fatty acids I want Miss Pix to get, especially.

I'll try to get video of that, for whoever's interested :)

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  1. Hi Sunny, How's things going. OMG your new kitten is so cute!!! I am attempting to combine two of my blogs into one and am adding a directory of blogs. Can I add your blog to the directory? The site is called Critter Talk and its a word press site. Please let me know and say hi to your critters :)


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