Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Say hello to...

The newest member of our furry clan (and, no, it's not a fert *g*):

He's a 9-10 week old kitten. A woman who works at our vet has fostered him since birth, and when a family friend was looking for two kittens, she told us about him (who was known as Emmett, then). Our family friend was interested, but not sure. So we told the foster mom that either way he'd have a home. Well, because of sudden RL issues, we became the proud humans of Emmett, now known as Coda.

*Here he is being stealth smelled by Sabra. They're colored so similarly it turns my heart to goo*

*Asai and Coda playing*

*Solo shot of Coda-baby. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to spoil him rotten. HE IS SO CUTE OMG*

*Another solo shot. AWWW CODA*

So, yeah, there he is. Callie (our oldest cat) is still pretending like he doesn't exist. That is possibly for the best. The two baby girls are in varying stages of acceptance/toleration, so \o/! You can tell, though, that he's very attuned to people, having been hand-raised since birth, but he's learning and he's adjusting very quickly :)
I'm kind of smitten, and I think The Triad know it, because they don't like him. Every time they smell Coda on my clothes or hands, they ignore me. I can't pet them, hold them, or play with them. So, yeah, they're kinda taking it personally (which they've never done before, not even with Sabra and Asai, who I helped take care of when we first got them). So, I'm being very careful, now, to get cleaned up before heading in, so I don't have to deal with fert-y insecurities (oh, my babies, how are you guys real?).
Also, I plan on cleaning The Triad's room today or tomorrow depending on our plans, so I promise: NEW PICTURES OF THE FERTS SOON, and this can happily go back to being a ferret blog again!

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