Sunday, November 15, 2009

this is what happens when I'm left alone...

So, I was getting the assorted fuzzbutts ready for the evening, and it kinda hit me. Cinder the Rabbit is a pretty sturdy guy.

What? I hear you asking. Why don't you ever make any sense?

I can answer the first, but the second part's still up in the air.

What I mean is that Cinder the Rabbit's room is 1) not enclosed and 2) is right next to the Triad's room, which - as you know - is not fully enclosed, either. So, he's subject to all the smells and sounds that they make. And I've known this, really, but sometimes it gets me, especially since I had just gotten done making The Triad's dinner (chicken thighs and gizzards/hearts), and turned around to make his (lettuce, spinach and carrots) - after, you know, proper sanitation, I'm not that idiotic, thank you very much *g*. It was weird, is all.

Also, it reminded me of Poppy - my own rabbit who died about 4 years ago. I got her when an absolutely tiny little thing, and she actually didn't know a lot of normal 'rabbit' behaviors (thumping, eating cecotropes, etc). But one day she was free roaming during dinner, and she kept jumping in my lap, and sniffing my hamburger. So I finally lowered it out of curiosity and let her investigate it. Did you know what she did? SHE ATE THE MEAT. ATE IT. AND THEN TRIED TO GET SECONDS.

I was horrified and wouldn't let her. But I would occasionally catch her eating dog food.

Okay, and well this isn't really about ferrets - except, hey, all of them are prone to wanting to eat veggies and fruits if I don't stop them. Yeah, I don't even know - but it's what came to mind (and it's possibly due to the fact that I lost her right before Thanksgiving, so this month's always bittersweet, now). Plus, I've gotta get new pictures, because Sian and Yogi blew their coats overnight and gained, like, a gazillion pounds simultaneously. YAY WINTER! Pixie is slower, and she's mainly just lost a lot of her guard hairs so that she's white down her back, with a thick black stripe down the middle. Like a skunk in reverse!


  1. hey hey hey,
    Good to hear from you. I haven't been leaving many comments but I have been checking in every now and then to check up on the ferts. Keep writing girl.


  2. My little girl is just about a year old and she just shed all of her guard hairs about a month, month and a half ago. I had ferrets back when I was in high school but I don't remember them shedding this late. I have 2 males, a 3 year old who shed in the spring and a 1 year old who hasn't shed at all. You're more experienced with ferrets than I am so I thought you might be able to tell me if that sounds normal or not?? I know every ferret is different just like every person is different, it's just throwing me off a little!

  3. Rabbit? =o= I didn't know you had a rabbit! That's so cool! (Was unaware that there was a meat-eating variety, too, LOL!)

    Yes! New pics, please! I need to get some, too. Ziggy has done the same thing as your guys, he's gained a lot of weight and is a white puffball! So pretty!

  4. Good to hear your guys are putting on their winter coats now ;)

    I am thrilled to report my gang are losing theirs and are looking all sleek and slim at the prospect of the summer months ahead.

    Vive la différence!! LOL :D

    Hugs to all your gang from all mine down under.


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