Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm like superman - only not as prone to public indecency!

*The Lovebirds eating their carnivore care/pumpkin/turkey baby food mix*

*Sian eating her pumpkin plain*

So, it's been one of those days. The kind where the completion of any small chore just leaves me so completely self-satisfied. Except today I was able to clean The Triad's room (+ cage and toys), clip all their nails, clean Cinder the Rabbit's room and clip his nails, bake cookies for my dad's return trip to Richmond (5 hours one way) and, you know, still help take care of my three nieces [okay, I got a break on this one - thanks, mom!]. All this on top of what my paranoid mind insists is the H1N1 virus (or, for those rebellious and politically incorrect souls, the swine flu), but what is, in fact, just a hell of a cold/flu thing. And my busted up hand [can't forget that one!].


Also, Wal-Mart finally started restocking canned pure pumpkin, so I loaded up with that and chicken and turkey baby food. 'Cause The Triad are shedding something fierce and it's important to "just say NO! to hairballs." At least, that's my motto. Also, Miss Pix's stomach is acting up, so a bit of babying and tummy soother won't go amiss with her, either, I'm guessing. Don't let her hear that, though, or she'll be asserting her vast and unrelenting independence by...scaling the cage and leaping off of it, or something equally horrifying.

Anyway, that's it. This post was mainly to articulate how AWESOME A FERRENT I am - so,
yes. I am.

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