Sunday, October 11, 2009

yeah. I know.

Okay, so posting here's been sketchy lately. There's really no good reason, except - well, the evil that is Facebook. I've been over there writing on walls and getting into comment wars with my sister. So, yes, Facebook has - temporarily - seduced me away from blogger. What can I say? It's shiny *g*

But, not entirely, though. In fact, I just got out of The Triad's room with NEW PICTURES, of which I was in desperate need, let me tell you. But, more importantly, I had one of Those Moments (tm) - you know, the sappy, make you sick to your stomach moments of PURE LOVE? Yes. One of those.

I was just sitting on the floor with The Triad [because the great thing about having ferrets is that they are so smart that they don't need you to actually play. They make up their own games and really just want you to watch, because they all know the Smelly Human wouldn't be able to do it right, anyway], and they were crawling all over me. Well, okay, Yogi was sitting in my lap [curled up and giving me kisses - awwwww, my ickle little boy], Sian was attacking my pant leg and Pixie was spazzing out if I so much as tried to pet her while she was sniffing your hand, jeez mom, and why does it smell like bananas? <===that would be because I had just gotten done making Cinder the Rabbit a salad, just so's ya know.
All that was going on, and suddenly I was just happy. I remembered what it was first like, being a ferrent (because sometimes the day in, day out chores just wear you down like with anything else): excited and enthusiastic and completely devoted to the little furry things intent on destroying every inch of their living space. Just watching them do their thing and include me because they wanted me there. It was - sweet. The most relaxed and calm I've been in a long time.
So, yeah. I love my guys. They're the best.

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