Wednesday, October 7, 2009

head count, please

I've been meaning to get on here and rave about how Pixie is turning into a little hellion in her longer years. Maybe it's a mini fert-y mid-life crisis or something, but lately my even-tempered, mild-mannered Pixie is a spunky, take no-nonsense, make 'em cry terror.

Which, you know, I adore.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, apparently, when Miss Pix gets hungry, she wants her food immediately. So much so, that if I'm late, she will escape out of the ferret room and come find me. Yay, new tricks.

So, yeah. She has no qualms about taking advantage of ferrent-y weaknesses. Case in point: The ferret room "door" is made out of two pieces of plexiglass (you'll see it a bit in the pictures I am posting). One is the bottom and one is the top. Generally, I slide the top in and out of its tracks whenever I go in or leave The Triad's room. Sometimes, though, I am a lazy, lazy person (who, me?), and will leave the top plexiglass propped against a wall. I did that tonight, and, Pixie, being the shark she is, thought hey, I can work with that. From the look of it, she pushed some boxes to the "door" then balanced on their rims and jumped. Kept jumping until she could hook herself over the bottom piece of the door.

*the ferret room from the outside*

Then, she mosied all around the downstairs, I guess (she was covered in dust, so she must have gotten into the storage room with our moving boxes and such, plus hay so she nosed around in Cinder the Rabbit's supplies); then she wandered her way into my bedroom, at which time I thought for a second that I had some kind of rodent thing ON TOP OF SNAKES. Then I realized "oh, hey, that's a ferret. Oh, look. There's Ben." So, Ben woke up wondering why I was holding his muzzle closed, and Pixie had scampered under Ben's chair (which is a recliner, and a danger in and of itself).

I finally coaxed her out (with Ben licking his chops when he saw what I was holding, the snot) and deposited her back into her room. This is the point where I got their foodbowls, put the top piece of plexiglass into the tracks and got to see Miss Pix repeatedly thump into it face first. The noise reminded me of some of those weird horror-flicks. Creepy.

Anywho. That's my story for the day. Now on to pictures. Here escape artist!Pixie is sad because I thwarted her attempts the second time around:

*Alright, here's Pixie not so much moping as plotting. But.*

*Here she is moping in the background, while The Twins are clueless*

*Classic mope!face. Aww, Pixie*

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