Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday - to ME!!!!!

So, yay! It was my birthday today, and I had a yummy brownie sundae thingy. I am now sickeningly full, and coming off of a major sugar-high, so I thought I should spam everyone with Triad pictures!

Here goes:

*And since it's my b-day, I thought I'd post one of my ickle little boy and me posing all nice for the camera bg*


  1. Hmm a human birthday... what's that in ferret years ;) Probably ancient... hehehe

    Happy birthday.

  2. I'd be...184 years old, roughly. *g*


  3. I hope the Triad gave you lots of special ferrety kisses on your special day :)

    Happy belated birthday, Sunny, and here's to many, many more happy ones!

  4. You know, Yogs *actually* liked my eyeball. If that's not love...>heehee<.

    And thank you!


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