Friday, December 11, 2009

pointless, but that's oh. kay.

*I love this for some reason - cafeteria!pic*

*Sian enjoying the salmon - or more specifically the olive oil on the salmon*

*Yogi and Yogi's teeth. NOM NOM NOM. Also, the top of Miss Pix's head*

So, I know I said video of the Triad's salmon-eating adventures, but I took stills instead. They're old pros at eating fish, and thankfully, the salmon was lighter than the pollock I tried previously (did I tell you how after eating that particular fish The Triad smelled fishy for a whole day? ugh). It had a strong smell, itself, but it didn't translate into stinky ferts, thank god.
Whee. I did it. I fed my guys salmon. I'm proud. Should I be this proud?

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