Sunday, December 20, 2009

my guys are the best guys

Okay, so not much blog-worthy stuff from The Triad's direction. There's the usual: gotta clean cage, wash laundry (definitely, it is LONG overdue), clean toys (yes, please). Not much else.
We did get like two feet of snow these last few days. Instead of dragging them all outside without harnesses, I decided to bring the snow to The Triad. Unsurprisingly, Yogi thought I'd finally lost what few smarts I had. Surprisingly, Pixie was less than impressed and didn't want to spend any time in the Container O'Snow. Sian, however, had fun digging and just ferreting around in general. So, yay, pics of that!

Also, I am once again just floored over how well my ferts behave (and, I guess, how well they trust me). I was able to clip their nails all by myself (instead of wrangling my mom into the room to do it). Without them being asleep, without treats of any kind (except, you know, my effusive and mildly sickening praise *g*), without dangling them in the air. I just held them on my knees and clipped. They didn't protest or jerk - in fact, Yogi rested his face against mine whenever I'd bend close to him to check the quick.

So, yeah. My guys are the best guys. I couldn't ask for better ferts.

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