Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Usually, every time I give The Triad fish, it's cooked and mixed in with their meat chunks or ground turkey. For some reason, I've always shied away about giving it to them raw.

This time, though, I managed to set aside a piece of tilapia before the rest was cooked for our supper. Of course, I didn't think just plopping it down in front of my guys would be wise, so I pulled out my handy little weapon, olive oil *g*, and drizzled it over the tilapia. After The Triad licked it all off, I got the requisite glare-of-doom from The Twins, but Pixie happily settled down to eat [it's weird, the older my guys get, the more adventurous they are about food. Go, Pixie!]. Which in turn got my two spoiled brats to curious sniff at Pixie's mouth and their own bowls.

Yogi finally stepped up and tried it. Judging by the fury with which he attacked it after the initial bite, he liked it. Sian, though, just stashed hers and stared morosely at me. I did not cave and I caught her hiding out and eating hers a bit later.


Hee, so next week, I'm either going to try them on a raw egg or raw pollock.

In other news: I managed to clean their room >yay!<, AND switch out their bedding. Now, I've just got to do the massive amount of ferret laundry I've managed to accumulate.


  1. Let's hope you don't find the hidden fish next week sometime :)

  2. Yay! Fish jerky *g*

    The only time their stashing habit becomes a problem is when you feed 'em raw. I'm just thankful I don't share a room with them anymore!


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