Tuesday, August 4, 2009

all I can say is AWWWWWWWWW

Yay, so my oldest niece [whose very first day of school is the 10th--eep] has always had a fascination with The Triad. Today, she tried her hand at drawing them. And like any good artist, she tried to get the sum of things by asking questions: 'Iya, is Pixie small?' 'Is she just bigger?' 'Yogi's really big, right?' [this last with the accompanied arms extended as far as they would go].

So, yeah, because she drew them out on her magnet sketch thingy, I got a picture, and I also let her go in the ferret room to show The Triad their portrait.

The Lovebirds approved. Yogi especially. He even gave her little hands a kiss before leaving to curl up with Pixie. Sian? She was a little huffy, seeing as she was the bottom wiggle, or in the redone picture, the smallest figure. Gives her a complex *g*

Basically, I died from the cute. 'Cause my nieces are adorable. My ferrets are adorable. Together, though? Cuteness overload :)


  1. Loved the pictures your niece drew ... how wonderful that they're learning the pleasures of ferret ownership at such a young age :)

    I'm hoping to do the same with our granddaughters and while I don't expect them to be allowed to have ferrets when they live at home (our kids know what high maintenance pets they are!), I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, they will want to have a ferret when they leave their parents'home ;)

  2. ooooohhh...that is so cute! hopefully sian got over her huff...i'm sure she did. ferrets, i believe, do not hold grudges! :)

    i'm so glad you're back sunny-girl!!


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