Monday, August 3, 2009

this is what your mother warned you about...

*Yogi didn't think he was getting enough quality face-time in the posts. So, here he is :) Little ham*

Yay! Got nails clipped. If nothing else, there's that. So now it doesn't feel like I'm holding a furry set of kitchen knives when I pick up a straggling member of The Triad (you know, the slowest or weakest of the herd...*g*).

Overall, though, not much news. Though, I'm starting to think more about Miss Pixie's upcoming melatonin implant. Usually, she gets it around September/October, but I have had no luck in finding a vet that 1) sees ferrets on a steady basis (i.e. the only things the vets have ever done is vaccines), and 2) [which 1 informs on] knows about melatonin OR lupron.

We found our dog/cat vet, and we're happy with them for those animals, and they did say that one of their vets LOVES ferrets and will take any excuse to learn about them (so why hasn't she before, then, is my question). We'd have to notify them at a month in advance so they could order whatever we wanted, but they seemed fine about's just that there's the placement and the special needles and knowledge that they don't have. I know everyone has to learn, but I just can hope that it's not on my guys. I mean, their whole experience with vets has been a series of blunders and mistakes, much of the time. I just want them to have it easy, but get the stuff that they need.

I don't think that's too much to ask, considering most of this stuff is pretty pricey (if I pay the money, shouldn't they have the skill-set? or am I just being especially mean?).

Ugh. I have time. I'm going to continue to scour the surrounding areas and see what pops up (if worse comes to worst, I'll lug them back to the NC vets--at least those guys know the melatonin/lupron stuff).

But--why is it so hard to find a good ferret vet? I never thought it'd be this difficult. Almost four years of being a ferrent, and I still have yet to be comfortable or trust the people my Triad see. Mmph.

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  1. Hey, if they wanna learn - they do it on their own dime! After all you pay enough for the vet, they should at least be competent and experienced.

    There's some part that says I could help them learn, but I wouldn't expect them to charge me. In fact maybe I should be paid and certainly protected if the worst should happen!

    But I've said it before, vet's have you by the heart strings which ultimately connect to the purse strings. Who'd deny the furkids when they need fixin'?


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