Sunday, August 2, 2009

see? this was why airholes were essential...

*Awww, The Lovebirds*

A nice little side effect of moving is all the extra boxes. And since I did get more free newspaper, I had to sort through it to set aside the ripped/unsuitable pieces. Which, oddly enough, make a great digging filler when they're balled up. Who knew? *g*

So, yeah, The Triad had fun with it. I still want to get them some starch packing peanuts (I saw a nice ferret-box full of them on...some ferret site; can't remember which one, now), and maybe some clean soil (that would be the funniest thing to see).

Also, I've discovered that it is not impossible to get a harness on The Twins, like it is with Miss Pixie. I can actually do it one handed and they just sit pretty still. It's awesome, 'cause I'd love to take them around outside. My problem, surprisingly, is finding a harness that will go small enough to securely fit them. On the ones they have, Yogi can slip out of it (and chew it and wrestle it and stash it) without batting an eye. The Baby...well, it's just laughable, really.
So, yeah, I have a feeling that if I'm going to find some appropriate harnesses for them, I'm gonna have to lug 'em with me to the pet store and try some out.

Yay! Ferret fashion show!

Anyway, didn't get around to cleaning or nail trimming. Tomorrow. Promise.

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