Thursday, July 30, 2009

ferret stuff in a ferret blog. radical.

*The Twins [all their pictures seem to revolve around the beds Ms. P got them, now]*

I will let you know right now that this is the first time I have ever used my laptop in the ferret room--generally because there were always so many cords hanging off of it that I didn't want The Triad 1) chewing on and/or 2) wrestling in. Now that I remembered I do have a battery and now have high speed internet, I decided to try it.

It's an experience. So far, they have crawled on it (when it was closed), slammed the top down (when I turned it on), tried to tip it over, tried to stash it, set it to hibernate, turned on the windows search box, searched for 'qrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrw', chewed on it, and sent it back to previous pages no less than 5 times. And the overwhelming excitement of my god--something new and shiny has turned Sian into a spazzed out, toe-biting fert.

But, still, I persevere.

Anyway, during this whole transition period The Triad and I have recently been through, I've made some changes. First off? I fell in love with contractor's paper. It's sturdy and thick and cuts the smell when it lines the FN, where newspaper just kinda...falls apart. Plus, it's pretty cheap--$11 for a gigantic roll. Now, if any free newspaper come my way, I won't turn up my nose ['cause, hey, free], but, generally, I'll stick with my new best friend *g* [also? diluted vinegar water is great for cleaning and really cheap. Two major recommendations]

Also? I haven't ordered Aunt Jeni's in a long time. I'm varying The Triad's diet myself--chicken wings and gamehens, primarily for bone meals, and gizzards/hearts, boneless chicken breast, boneless turkey breast, ground turkey, eggs and shell for boneless meals, and livers, tilapia, pollock, hamburger and beef ribs on occasion. I've always offered them different things, but my staples were CGHs and the Aunt Jeni's ground food.

Now, I have a freezer full of painstakingly divvied up meals, with plans on ordering more bone--like necks and rabbit quarters [no, I feel no guilt for giving my guys rabbit, surprisingly, even with Cinder next door. I just could never eat it]. It's kinda fun to really take advantage of feeding a raw diet. But it's also A LOT of work.

So far, The Triad love it and haven't missed the Aunt Jeni's like they usually do, even if the baby (or should it be The Baby, since I call her that more than I call her Sian?) has turned into a brat and steals everyone's food, whether it's bone or not. I let her duke (or should it be dook?) it out with Yogi, 'cause he's perverse and enjoys it, but Miss Pix is still off limits. I guess she's still growing, 'cause she got long and skinny [she's one of those tiny females--you know, 1 lb maybe--and I'm hoping she gets some weight on her] and she eats all the time.

Also? I went on the offensive and am treating them with topical ivermectin, since I suspect Yogi may have earmites--at least judging by the smell and the wax even after a cleaning. So, yeah. Fun.

Besides that, I seriously need to clean the ferret room and clip nails. I mean really. Yogi has some impressive spider legs on the ends of his paws [makes me wonder why boys grow nails so frickin' fast].

Anyway, that's about it.


  1. Yay!!! You are back! I lost your email (must've deleted it while cleaning up before adding it to my contacts list) or I would've tried getting in touch that way...

    Anyway, I know you've been busy -- hoping you are enjoying your new home. And, as always, I am so impressed with the diet you give your Triad. I does sound like a lot of work, but what a wonderful thing to do for them!

    Alas, mine have no interest. The best I can do is use boilded chicken in their Duck Soup. But even then, Ziggy is like, "Hey, dis not babee food chicken! I wantz babee food chicken!!!"


    Hey, I have a Triad, too! My new fosters: Smokey, Angel and Baby. Angel is very tiny and has adrenal (my first experience with this).

    Welcome back, Sunny!
    p.s. my email is

  2. *boiled chicken, not boileded chicken. LOL!

  3. I am enjoying the new place--the new ferret room alone would have infatuated me, but it's just a bonus that everything about it is wonderful *g*

    And yay! You have a Triad :) It's always fun when you can randomly capitalize nicknames for you ferts >heehee< (at least it is for me).

    And I'm so happy to BE back, as well. I missed bragging about my guys (and my family is tired of me forcing them to listen to EVERYTHING The Triad does, too).


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