Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...because I think outside the box...

...and because I mentioned they were coming...pics of the kitty rescues and Cinder the Rabbit:

*Asai [ah-sigh]*

*Sabra [sah-brah]*

*Cinder the Rabbit*

We rescued the kittens when they were 3-4 weeks old; now, they're anywhere from 7-8 weeks. They had three--count them, three--near death episodes, where we were frantic and sleep deprived; they were comatose or seizing right up until the time they sprang back to life [they'd go from unresponsive to roughhousing right before our eyes. Weird]. I have now since termed these episodes "going floppy". Now they're healthy and doing great. But, christ, I forgot what it was like trying to take care of extremely too-young critters.

Also, isn't cinder a handsome, although slightly demonic-looking, boy? He's our 8.5 yr old bun. He's also rediscovered the joy of chewing on cords. Yay. He destroyed my phone charger (thankfully unplugged).

Okay. Next time fert-y pictures. Promise.

(also? hughesnet kinda sucks. it's expensive, but it sucks).


  1. Oh Sunny, the kitties are gorgeous, as is your wascally wabbit :)

    A question - do your ferrets get all jazzed up when they smell Cinder on you or are they cool about having a rabbit around the place :)

  2. @ Nona

    Thanks :)

    And, actually, their used to Cinder's smell. Here in VA, the rabbit room and ferret room are sectioned off spaces created by building pony-walls. So, everyone has gotten quite comfortable with all the new smells (plus cleaning hayboxes gets me just as stinky as cleaning The Triad's FN).

  3. Do the fuzzies play with the kittens? How do they get on? They are lovely! Cinder is gorgeous too. I read that cats and rabbits can get on ok. Do yours play together?

  4. No, The Triad doesn't directly interact with the kitties--the babies are still way too small, and the ferts will attack anything that squeaks too much :( (Yogi tried to maul me when I squeaked one of their squeaker toys).

    We ARE hoping to introduce the kittens to Cinder--but we want them to get old enough for shots and such before we do.


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