Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now the story's just slightly incomplete...

*I dunno, butI kinda imagine Miss Pix thinking "I'll show these baffoons how it's done," whenever she poses like this.*

*Yeah, I definitely can envision Yogi out in the wild stealing bird eggs*

*The Pickle-jar Baby!*

Well, so my on-going vet hunt has turned up one likely source, at least--they've been recommended as "ferret knowledgeable"...they're located in NC, actually (seeing as how we actually didn't get that far outside of the NC border when we moved), and a little over an hour or so away. Perhaps The Triad will actually have a vet to go to before Pixie's upcoming appointment (it still leaves me without an emergency vet that isn't 2-3 hours away, but maybe something will pop up. I can hope).

In other news: I cleaned out Yogs' ears with Epi-Otic and gave him his second dose of topical ivermectin right on schedule *g*. The girls got their ears cleaned because they were dense enough to hang out at my feet after Yogi was finished. That'll teach 'em.

Also? I did all their ferret laundry. YAY! Clean ears and clean bedding :)


  1. i love it!!! they are just cuteness to the third power!

  2. Good that you've been able to find a ferret friendly vet.

  3. I think all ferrets communicate with each other and someday they will all rise up and take over the world.
    And yours will have the cleanest ears.

    Hope you are doing well,



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