Tuesday, August 25, 2009

oh, that's just *gross*

Perhaps The Triad sensed that there hasn't been much blog-worthy activity lately, or perhaps they just missed my presence so much that they had to create an excuse for me to extend my stay a bit longer. Perhaps it was some combination of the two--

--but they managed on both accounts. Yeah, in my current icky-cold state, I fed the ferrets last night, but forgot to shut the cage doors. So, they were getting into ferret-style mayhem with me no more the wiser [and they always tend to amp it up on those occasions, too].

Not only that, but for some reason unbeknownst to me all three [or so I'm deducing] had a horrendous bout of diarrhea. At some point they must have given up even looking for the APPROPRIATE POTTY AREAS and just did their business...well, everywhere.

Um. Ew. So, now, they are getting pumpkin and carnivore care [okay, well, Sian only gets the pumpkin. but.] as a tummy soother for a few days. I'll see how that does 'em; I mean, they don't appear sick [great appetite, no discharge anywhere, playful. all that jazz], and I'm really thinking it's just because they had one of those inopportune but relatively harmless gastric upset episodes [or what I call let's see how much Mom REALLY loves us episodes--'cause for a minute there I was wavering *g*].


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  1. oh. ew. yuk.
    what can i say....gotta love 'em!!!
    feel better soon! :)


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