Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ferret-related things I've actually done: scoured cage, changed bedding (which, yeah), actually got The Triad to try hardboiled egg plain and not mixed with ground meat (and, yes, I used an obscene amount of olive oil as a bribe).

Things yet to do: clean room, do laundry, divvy up chicken wings into separate meals. Recharge camera battery (believe it or not, this does fall under 'ferret chores').

In other news, here's another slightly weird observation of ferrenthood (at least on my end, anyway): you know how sometimes you don't want--or you forget--to do the ferret shuffle while you're zooming around the weasel area for whatever reason? What is with the strange giggle-chuckle-sigh thing, usually accompanied by some form of incoherent mumbling and foot dance, as the ferrent in question tries to dodge ferret heads and/or bodies? I think it's a rather complicated way of saying whoa, you guys just dodged certain, squishy death-by-foot again. And again. And--hey!--again. Ha hahahaha. Oh, god.

Well. I really can't be the only one, right?

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  1. LOL! Yeah, more than once I sent someone tumbling across the room with my foot, only to get the dook-and-back-up response!


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