Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was in for a surprise, today. Ms. P [family friend] got The Triad a few surprises. Apparently, she had been surfing some pet sites and came across ferret goodies and couldn't resist. According to her, they also have a few new sleeping beds on the way, too.

I thought it was sweet, but I have noticed that ferrets--more than any animal I have ever had--seem to bring that out in people. Is it a heretofore undetected talent--that they make people want to buy them stuff just because?

I think so, since Ms. P has only seen them 'in person' one time [she's held The Twins and petted Pixie], and seen a few pictures on occasion. Just from that, she's fallen in love with ferrets, and had entertained getting one herself (I talked her out of it, because ferrets wouldn't fit her lifestyle).

Even my sister--who had been afraid of ferrets--found herself buying them toys. It's a weird mind-trick, but since it serves to help spoil my babies I'm far from offended *g*

But, I'll say it here: THANKS, MS. P! The ferrets are going to love the toys [the treats are iffy, seeing as how Yogi and Sian have never had anything like that before], but they aren't getting them until Monday evening, when we get to the VA house.

That's it for now :)

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  1. Are the ferret chews for ferrets or do they contain real ferret? :) :)

    I buy Roxy a squeaky toy now and then. Particularly when I need something to annoy the wife without having a direct connection to the source of annoyance.


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