Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VA picspam

Just a few pictures of the VA trip. We took Ben with us, since E. watched the house and animals [salt, wounds, etc]. Overall, Ben did well; this was his first trip outside of vet appointments. I think he was confused as to why we were there. Around the time to pack up and leave, he finally got really comfortable and didn't want to go *g*.

I didn't, either. It's absolutely gorgeous. The acreage is a bit smaller (5 instead of 9), but the view? Stunning. We're finishing up the odds and ends, so in two weeks we'll be packing up and moving everyone up (so there's no telling how long I'll be off my blog, then).

But, okay, here are some pix relating to The Triad:

The new ferret room! This whole area was open--we had to build the half-wall and then install the tracks and plexi-glass:

Inside looking out :) I love the sage walls, but I'm not keen at all on the carpet [both color and texture]. It'll show messes like anything and it's loop pile. Yikes. Besides that, though, the whole "room" is open and bright and just for them! Outside that door, there's a perfect space to make an outside enclosure for them and Cinder to spend a bit of time in the sun and fresh air [once everything's settled, that'll be our next project!].

And here are some "in preparation of leaving pictures":

The "business" level of the FN. Clean litterbox, fresh water, and two layers of newspapers [forward-thinking, bwahahaha]. It was a mess when I got home, but if I had only one sheet of paper down, it would have been even worse, believe me.

The fun begins *g*. I stock piled the cage with toys in the hopes that The Triad would keep themselves entertained. Surprisingly, they managed that. Of course, their idea of "fun" revolved around pushing all their toys down into the first floor, amidst the poo and pee [I have a lot of washing up to do].

Their food! They got CGH pieces, as well as Aunt Jeni's [and I made sure it was bloody and juicy--just the way they like it!]. It was a lot of food, but it was all gone by the time I got home, and The Triad tried to convince me they were starving.

Finally, here's some shots of Yogi and Sian:

They just knew something was up. Don't their faces just read: "why are we in here? Hey! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"

As soon as I got home [a little after midnight], I let them out. I managed to give them four hours out--and a clean, food stocked cage--before I collapsed [I had to, or I knew they wouldn't let me sleep].

And that's the end of my little adventure!

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  1. Hey girl! The pics are great and the ferret room looks awesome!! How cool -- they are gonna love it!

    Sounds like they did ok with E. while you were gone. I know...I feel guilty when I have to cage mine for any length of time outside their regular cage times. Sounds like they lived, though (even if they think they died).

    Sending virtual hugs!!!


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