Sunday, May 31, 2009

thanks for that lovely explanation...

*Aw, The Twins*

I'm going up to the VA house, tomorrow, to help with renovations and to see if there are any major adaptions that are needed in the ferret room. It's going to be fun to finally see what's been done while I've been watching my nieces here in NC.

The bad news? I've got to rely on E. to take care of my ferrets for two days. He's watched them, a long time ago--when Yew was still alive. He didn't do a bad job, per se [meaning they were still breathing when I got back], but he didn't do it right--and I allowed him to skip the cleaning up part of the care-taking.

I don't know--I plan on getting up early enough let them out for a few hours before we leave [this way I can clean the cage and get them fresh food before we go] so maybe they can stay caged until I get home? Anyone have an opinion? 'Cause too much can go wrong--especially since E. likes the ferrets, but isn't very fert-savvy.

Ugh. I don't know, but when I go up for the week-long stay in June, I'm taking them with me, anyway [which is why I need to look over the ferret room now, before they're dragged up there].

So, is two days [okay, well, two days, one night] too long for The Triad to stay caged? It'll be unusual for them, seeing as how they've always had at least 10-12 hours out of cage a day, but this is the way I'd feel most comfortable, know.

Sorry about rambling, but at this point it's not unusual, is it?


  1. 3 ferrets, 1 E. and a microwave? Dangerous stuff ;)

    Do they get all antsy when left locked up? I know Roxy bounces around if she's not walked. It doesn't have to be a long walk but she must go out or she wont leave us alone.

  2. LOL

    They get extremely antsy when they've been locked up. Well, Yogi and Sian do--Pixie is kinda blase about the whole thing.

    I just came home and the cage insides are demolished and The Triad is running around like mad :)


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