Monday, May 25, 2009

oh, don't worry; that's completely natural

New picture--and a [sorta] group photo. For anyone that's confused, from left: Pixie, Sian, Yogi. You can kinda see in this photo, but does Yogi look...greasy to anyone else? I honestly don't know if it's my imagination or if it's fact, but to me he's kinda oily-looking (compared to The Girls, anyway).

In preparation of moving [yes, we did buy the VA house, and we are now in the process of doing some renov.s], I've been washing ferret bedding. I was so proud of myself--thinking that I had washed everything of theirs. I mean, I have a completely filled clothes hamper [almost as high as my waist]. I was chortling about it, because I finished just as the detergent ran out, when what do I see walking back to Teh Ferreet Room [as my nieces say]? Mmm, that's right; another completely filled box of dirty ferret bedding [that included their charcoal bed, which I need and can't believe I didn't miss the first time around].

And I've learned something else. Those Aunt Jeni's cartons do leak. So much so that it almost dissolves the darn cardboard in places [ewwwwwwwwwwww]. Also, The Triad love the juice from the raw meat, and now that the container soaks it up, it leaves them with barely any. When I warm it up [never try to serve a ferret cold raw meat. It's an insult, I've learned. Makes sense, too--if they were hunting, the carcass and all it's....goodies would be warm], it releases some more juice, but it's not the lovely mini-lakes like before, and believe me, The Triad noticed.

Observant little buggers.

Oh! And here's one last thing before I go. I'm putting this up, because these are the things that I find funny [No, I don't know why, either]:

Those are Pixie's feet, by the way [how d'ya like the one longer nail? Nice, huh?]. I dunno, I cracked up when I saw that on the bottom of the cage. The taz reminded me of two scenarios with my Triad: 1) wardancing, and 2) ferret-y tantrums when someone stole or is in the process of stealing someone's toy or RMB.

Yep. That's it for now :)


  1. Hey Sunny-B!
    Yogi doesn't look oily, he just looks shiney and they all look incredibly healthy! Dave is kind of like that, very shiney. Isn't Yogi the one that had the big shed season?

    Yep, that ferret laundry can pile high fast, can't it? Ugh! And just when ya think you're done...whammo, there's something you forgot!

    I love the foot on the taz photo -- great shot!!

    And, ew...sorry about the leakage problem. Wrong on soooo many levels....
    Dooks and Dances!!!!

  2. Hmm, well, it probably is my imagination, then [wouldn't be the first time *g*]. And, yeah, Yogi did have the big shed this season, so that could have made him extra shiny.


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